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Wojciech Kętrzyński School Complex in Kętrzyn is divided into two units: Secondary School (students age: 14 – 16) and High School (students age: 16 – 19). There are about 400 students altogether.

The School comprises profiles: mathematical – physical (engineering), mathematical – geographical (business), arts – linguistic and biological – chemical (medical). The students in High School choose the right profile for themselves and follow a set of subject on extended level.

Thanks to the possibility of studying subjects on extended level, as well as the motivation evoked by the teachers, the students are able to gain success in education and develop their interests.

Within the years: 2013 – 2016 there were 73 finalists and 59 laureates of national contests in various subjects: Polish, history, knowledge of society, mathematics, physics, German, English, geography, chemistry, biology, Russian, knowledge of safety, philosophy, literature and culture of Polish Jews.